deterraAs part of a drug abuse prevention program spearheaded by Inspira Health Network, the Salem County Department of Health and Human Services will distribute Deterra pouches to the public to safely and quickly deactivate prescription drugs for disposal.

Each 6” x 9” Deterra pouch contains patented absorption granules that work for pills, liquids, and patches. When filled with warm water and resealed, the drugs are neutralized and the pouch can be disposed in normal trash.

The Deterra pouches will be distributed by the Department’s nurses at their various health screenings and through the Office on Aging and Disabilities at special events.

“We know that one gateway to drug addiction is through the misuse of prescription medicines,” said Freeholder Director Bob Vanderslice, who also chairs the Health and Human Services Committee. “The ability to promote safe disposal through the Deterra pouch system is an easy, safe preventative step. The County is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Inspira.”

Individuals who would like to secure a pouch can contact the Department of Health and Human Services directly. For more information, contact Maggie Vaughn, coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services, at 935-7510 extension 8460.

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