Representatives from the County’s senior and disabled apartment complexes will receive free assistance this week from the Salem County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Health on basic emergency preparedness planning.

“The response has been excellent,” said Freeholder Director Bob Vanderslice, who also chairs the Health Committee. “This session will assist the apartment complexes to be better equipped for emergency situations, allowing them to have a prepared plan established. If the housing complexes would like to have further training on special emergency situations, we will be happy to schedule that, as well.”

Each complex is required by the NJ Fire Code to maintain an emergency plan. Management and staff from 10 of the 11 complexes are attending Thursday’s session. The agenda will include basic emergency planning, development and maintenance of an emergency operations plan.

“Knowledge is key to being prepared in any hazardous situation. We welcome anytime our office can cooperate our efforts and resources with other departments and entities to deliver a comprehensive training session as it is beneficial to the public,” said Sheriff Chuck Miller.

The training is set for Thursday, June 8, 1:30 p.m. at the OEM building.

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