Know the facts about COVID-19 and help stop the spread of Rumors.

  1. Social Gatherings During COVID-19

    The Stay at Home Order is still in effect for the state of New Jersey. Non-essential business, retail and schools are closed. Governor Murphy has banned all social gatherings of any size with his Executive Order to promote social distancing. This includes parties, weddings, or mass gatherings. Law enforcement agencies are strictly enforcing this order. Anyone who violates the emergency executive order will face criminal charges.

    Do not use parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms. Maintain the CDC’s minimum recommendation of 6 feet for social distancing.

    Social distancing is a public health practice that is meant to stop or slow down the spread.

  2. Stigma of COVID-19

    Stigma affects the emotional and mental health of stigmatized groups and communities they live in. Everyone can help stop stigma related to COVID-19 by knowing the facts and sharing them with others in your community. Share accurate information and raise awareness about COVID-19 without increasing fear.

  3. Long Term Care Facilities

    New Jersey Department of Health has announced mask and isolation requirements for long term care facilities to slow the spread of COVID-19. To make a complaint about a health care facility please call 1-800-792-9770 for the NJDOH Complaint Hotline.

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