Why does the Salem County Department of Health not report a daily total of currently hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Salem County?

The state database that the counties use to input the COVID-19 case data does not allow counties to run a re- port to determine how many individuals are hospitalized due to COVID-19 in Salem County. The New Jersey Department of Health has access to those numbers and can run those reports. The Salem County Department of Health and Human Services contacts individuals to notify them of their positive results for COVID-19 and to contact trace their close contacts to help stop the spread. After this initial contact, the health department closes out the case. It is important to keep in mind that COVID-19 produces varying levels of severity from person to person therefore, after our initial contact, an individual’s symptoms may worsen and they may be hospitalized and we are not made aware. Furthermore, due to the frequency of admissions and discharges at our local hospitals, it is difficult to keep a current list of total Salem County COVID-19 hospitalizations and we do not have direct access to records at hospitals outside of Salem County.

Please visit covid19.nj.gov/#live-updates; The State provides information about: Cases and Trends, Hospital

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