Know the facts about COVlD—19 and help stop the spread of Rumors.

What is Salem County Department Health and Human Services Doing to Keep You Updated and Informed About COVID-19?

  1. As it may be difficult to give you some information due to HIPPA and other privacy concerns, we are trying to provide you with as much information as possible on our website and social media.
  2. We are giving a list of daily positive cases with ages, gender, and the municipality. Also on our website, we are providing a case count which includes positives, negatives, and deaths.
  3. On Fridays we give a total number of positive cases per each municipality in the county.
  4. We post all of the data from our test sites which are conducted twice per week.
  5. We post Daily Facts in which we try to address questions that residents may have along with information regarding our testing site and other COVID-19 questions.
  6. Our staff is on call 24/7 to continue tracking and tracing cases on the weekend as well as during the week, so cases are addressed as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, usually a lab takes 2-4 days to produce results from the date the test was conducted. To remain caught up, Salem County Health Department is working 7 days a week to trace positives cases.
  7. Staff is continuing to provide Alcohol and Drug Services, Environmental permits and septic certification, OPRA requests, Special Child Health Services, Senior and Disabled Transportation to dialysis, groceries stores, and making calls through-out the workday to our Salem County Senior Citizens to make sure their needs are met and their mental status is well. New Jersey Mental Health Cares is providing a Mental Health hotline for those needing help with coping during COVID-19.

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