Health Presentations

Health Education Division

The Salem County Department of Health and Human Services employs a health educator who will cover a list of health-related topics that your group may need. These presentations can be a onetime event, or a series of educational presentations designed to build upon each other. Please contact our staff at 856-935-7510 ext. 8618 or .

Heart Health Series:
This three part series introduces the cardiovascular system and the conditions that can affect it. It touches on the most commonly heard topics in cardiovascular health: cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Each time, there is an emphasis on prevention, warning signs, and lifestyle change. These presentations allow the participants to discuss their experiences with heart health and apply new information to their own lives. The overall goal is to empower participants with knowledge so they can make changes in their lifestyle to keeps them healthier.

Diabetes Series:
Diabetes and heart health are closely and this is one of the most requested topics. This can be a very scary and hard to manage condition for people. This series starts with the basics of the cardiovascular system and builds up to the more in-depth details on the condition itself. The first part is all about the basics of the condition including definitions, complications and the importance of prevention. The following two presentations focus on treatment and lifestyle changes that are necessary to being a diabetic. This series again focuses on informing the participants about a complicated condition and giving them a chance to apply the knowledge to their own lives. These presentations can stand alone or be done in a three part series.

Smoking Cessation:
Smoking is quite possibly one of the most common unhealthy habits people have. Almost any condition can be managed more easily by quitting smoking and this can prevent further damage and conditions. This program focuses on quitting; however, it allows the participant to come to that decision when they are ready. We go over the effects of smoking, which many people have heard before. We end the first program with a review to make sure people are not tuning out the information. The second program focuses on making a plan to quit. It also discusses the not-so-fun parts of quitting. This program ends with allowing everyone to take the time to actually put a plan in place, whether his or her start date is that day or in three months. They will fill out an action sheet and think about their support, their triggers and their plan of attack. The third part of this series can be further down the line, to check in with the participants on their plans and how they have been doing. It is a very positive experience that allows everyone to encourage each other in the little changes they may have made. Again, this program can stand alone or be done as a series.

Health Eating:
Another very popular topic! Everyone wants a quick fix or a miracle diet, but that is not what this program is about. The foundation of this program is learning the basics of the food groups, calorie intake, reading nutritional labels, and relearning how to eat. We touch on the benefits of exercise and how it relates to what you eat. This program does not focus on restricting your diet, but rather how to eat what you enjoy with your health in mind!

This program is a very informative and covers the cause, treatment and management of this growing condition. Many children and adults suffer from this potentially life threatening condition and it can be very scary if you do not know the cause and how control it. Many times the language used by doctors is hard to understand and parents go along with whatever the doctor tells them. This program explains the ins and outs of the condition in language everyone can understand, giving everyone confidence to control this condition.

Lyme’s Disease:
Originally created for teachers, this program touches on the life cycle of deer ticks and the progression of the disease in the body. It also discusses the proper removal and disposal of ticks. There is a focus on prevention methods and outdoor safety. This program can be tailored to younger children, parents or any other specific population.

Because of the abundance of wild animals in our area, rabies is a legitimate concern for our community. Many people have heard of rabies and rabid animals but not a lot know how the disease works and why it is so important to protect themselves and their loved ones. This program goes over the disease, its transmission, its long term and short-term effects as well as the treatment for humans. It is a great primer for people who may be concerned about wild animals coming into their yards or those who just want to know more about a condition they hear about in the papers or on television.

Stress is something everyone can relate to and often being over-stressed can affect your health. It can lead to certain conditions or exacerbate pre-existing ones. Learning how to effectively deal with stress can improve many health conditions and lead to a happier lifestyle. This program offers the participants the chance to look at stressful situations and problem solve. It also gives them a chance to ask questions about stress relief strategies they might be curious about but haven’t had the chance to try.

And More!!!
The health educators can work with you to customize any of these presentations or create a completely new one for your audience. Please do not hesitate to call and ask about your next program!