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Public Preparedness Courses

Public Preparedness Division

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American Heart Association CPR Certification Course

If you or your organization is interested in becoming certified or re-certifying, please contact Heather Till at 856-935-7510 ext. 8474 or by email at .

You Are the Help Until Help Arrives

You are the help until help arrives, focuses on educating by-standers on basic life saving skills to keep victims with life-threatening injuries alive until first responders arrive. Why Be the Help Until Help Arrives? Trauma is the leading cause of death in Americans who are 46 years old or younger. Life threatening injuries such as head trauma, shock or bleeding require immediate action to prevent the individual from dying. Even though our first responders are quick to arrive, any delay could result in death. You could help save someone’s life. Learn how to save a life today! This course focuses on six main points that are crucial steps for helping in an emergency situation; calling 9-1-1, keeping yourself and others safe, positioning the injured so they are able to breathe, stopping life-threatening bleeding and providing emotional support and comfort. The Public Preparedness Division for the Salem County Department of Health and Human Services is offering free classes for groups of 5 or more people that are 14 years or older. Classes are approximately 2.5 hours. To learn more about each of these important steps today to be prepared in case an emergency strikes tomorrow, please contact us for more information. Fallon Secaur 856-935-7510 ext. 8618 or .