Local Information Network Communication System

Public Preparedness Division

New Jersey Local Information Network Communication System (LINCS) was started in 1997, by the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), Office of Local Health with the cooperation of New Jersey’s local health departments. LINCS is an electronic information system that supports interactive reporting, health data analysis, and the dissemination of public health information between the New Jersey Department of Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local health departments, health care providers and emergency responders.

Throughout the state of New Jersey there are 24 LINCS agencies. All LINCS agencies are continuously developing their Community Health Alert and Information Network (CHAIN) which connects public health departments with hospitals, laboratories, emergency responders, medical providers, schools and other community organizations for electronic information sharing and response to public health incidents.

Messages that are received from CDC or NJDOH are sent down to local health departments and then communicated to organizations who are a part of the LINCS program. These messages can include updates on disease prevalence in our state, food recalls, or program updates. LINCS messages are sent out with alert levels, to show the urgency of the message. The alerts are as follows:

  • Priority Level 1: Public Health Alert = High priority and/or time sensitive
  • Priority Level 2: Public Health Advisory = Important public health information or data
  • Priority Level 3: Public Health Update = Public health information or data updates
  • Priority Level 4: Public Health Information = Standard or routine public health information or data

Lauren Pomykala
Public Health Emergency Notifications Systems Coordinator
110 5th St. Suite 500
Salem, NJ 08079
Phone: (856) 935-7510 x 8482
Fax: (856) 935-5348

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