Points of Dispensing

Public Preparedness Division

In Salem County, a POD is very similar to a flu shot clinic. In an emergency, however, additional steps need to be taken to ensure the dispensing area is safe and secure for our residents. We will ask residents to fill out forms or be prepared to answer questions regarding allergies and existing medical conditions. If the medication being dispensed is in pill form, one family member should pick up pills for the whole family. If you know of someone who has mobility or transportation issues, we encourage you to pick up medication for those individuals. If you would like to email or speak with someone in our Public Preparedness Program regarding POD planning, contact Jill Sheppard at the number or email address below.

First Responder & Fixed Facility Plans

The NJ Department of Health requires each LINCS agency to establish plans to dispense medication to emergency personnel that may be exposed to a communicable disease while responding. First Responders may include Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, fire fighters and critical infrastructure.

If it were necessary to establish a POD site in Salem County, simultaneous distribution to large businesses may also occur. These businesses will dispense medication to their employees and their families. This is known as the Fixed Facility Plan. If you represent a business that employs more than 100 people and medical personnel is on site to dispense medication, your facility may be eligible to participate in this plan.

If you have questions about The First Responder or Fixed Facility Plan contact:

Connie Inmon
(856) 935-7510 ext. 8304


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