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NJ Register Ready (Special Needs Registry for Disasters)

Human Services Division

Special Needs Registry
Salem County participates in the state-wide registry for residents with access and functional needs called NJ Register Ready. Register Ready is voluntary and free program designed to assist first responders and emergency planners in identifying those residents that may need assistance in evacuating in advance of an emergency and so that emergency management may develop the necessary plans to support those needs. It will also help emergency planners in the development of shelter plans for those residents with Access and Functional Needs. The information collected through a secure on-line portal is only accessible to the Salem County Health and Human Services/ Salem County Office of Emergency Management and first responders.

What is NJ Register Ready? NJ Register Ready has been established to collect information emergency responders will need to help locate and evacuate people with Access and Functional Needs during an emergency, when a family, caregiver or are unable to help them.

Who Should Register?  You (or someone on your behalf) should register if you may find it difficult to get to safety with family or friends or to a public shelter during an emergency evacuation, because of a physical or cognitive limitation, language barrier, or lack of transportation. Remember, your priority should be to relocate with a family member or friend first!

How can I submit my information? 
You can complete the online form on our site, or you can choose to register in one of the other 2 following ways:

  1. Print and complete the Register Ready Form and mail it to the Salem County Health and Human Services- Attn: Jenna Hogate at 110 Fifth St. Salem, NJ 08079
  2. Call 856-935-7510 extension 8304 to register by telephone. TTY/TDD translation services also available by calling TOLL FREE at 2-1-1

Have questions or need assistance in completing the form?
If you have questions pertaining to NJ Register Ready, call 856-935-7510 x8304.

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