Salem County Office of Alcohol & Drug Treatment & Prevention and the Municipal Alliance for Prevention Substance Abuse Kick Off “KNOCK OUT OPIOID ABUSE DAY”

On October 6th, New Jersey’s third annual Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day, the Salem County Office of Alcohol & Drug Treatment & Prevention will partner with local groups to raise awareness about the potential dependency on prescribed pain medications and the link to heroin abuse.

Last year, nearly 10,000 Knock Out Opioid Abuse door hangars and flyers were distributed.

“The County office will coordinate with volunteers, community leaders and Municipal Alliances for Prevention of Substance Abuse on this statewide initiative, knocking on doors and leaving information,” stated Freeholder Director Melissa DeCastro.

In addition to the county-wide effort, this year’s focus will include contacting seniors since they interact across generations of family members. The first year, the focus was on dental offices. Last year, information was sent home to parents through the schools.

Volunteers also will share safe prescribing information with their physicians and dentists.

“While new regulations call for stricter restrictions in writing prescriptions, doctors need to be reminded to be very judicious with pain medications,” said Freeholder Ben Laury, who chairs the Health and Human Services Committee.

For information on how to get involved please contact: Victoria Maurizio- County Coordinator at or 856-935-7510 ext 8449.

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