Salem County’s Aging and Disability Services office is providing 90 boxed fans, free of cost, to both elderly and disabled residents to beat the heat this summer.

Many residents were feeling the same way today as they picked up their brand new 20-inch boxed fan at the Carneys Point Municipal Building today.

“My neighbor called and said that they were giving them away and I was honored to get one because I need one,” said fan recipient, Diane Stewart.

With the help of donations made by Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center, The Office on Aging and Disability Services was able to purchase 90 boxed fans to give out to the elderly and disabled.

“The qualifications are to be a Salem county resident, be 60 or older, and if you’re disabled as well. You would come in show your proof of identification and you would receive a free fan,” said County Spokesperson, Brenda Banks.

The fans are on a first come, first served basis and only one is given out for each household.

“Often times they’re living on a limited income and to provide this fan for them, it’s important to keep air moving in the house especially in the hot weather.” Quote attribution name,” said Banks.

Everyone who stopped by today couldn’t stop talking about just how relieved they were to get these fans.

“People are kind and it shows me that people don’t forget about people who are in need, such as myself,” said fan recipient, Paul Toy.

“Oh it means a lot, you don’t have a clue,” said Stewart.

“ I’m going to be cool. I’ll sit back and chill, how about that,” said Stewart.

For senior citizens that were unable to make it out to the Carneys Point Municipal Building today, they will have another chance tomorrow from 9:30 a.m. until noon to pick up their boxed fan.

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