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Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing Division

The Salem County Public Health Nursing Division is dedicated to providing a wide range of health services and programs available to the residents of Salem County. The goal of the nursing division is to improve the health and wellness of our residents, through screening, referral, education, follow-up and case management. Our programs service individuals throughout the entire lifespan.

Health Screenings

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Free Screenings

  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose screenings are offered at various events and locations throughout the county and every month at the Health Department.
  • Child Lead Screenings

Please Contact the Public Health Nursing Division or visit our event calendar for more information!

Case Management

Education & Referral

  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease- Education & Referral
  • Pregnancy
  • Lead
  • Immunizations – Free flu & COVID-19 vaccines


  • Janet Martinez, BSW, CSW – Special Child Health Services Case Manager
  • Kristy Stearns, MPH – Epidemiologist
  • Amy Rhoads, LPN – Nurse
  • Shannon Reese, BSN, RN, FN-CSA- Public Health Nurse
  • Heather Till, RN – Assistant Supervisor of Nurses, Public Preparedness
  • Bonnie Hogate, RN – Public Health Nurse, Childhood Lead Case Manager
  • Jessica Hughes, BSN, RN – Public Health Nurse Supervisor